The Minku Afrofuturism collection imagines our future selves in a context of fashion. What will our culture elvolve to be, and how will technology have shaped how we smile, make human connections, move through spaces, how we show love and acceptance? 

Written by Kunmi and acted out in eight scenes by Akor, this short story plugs Africa into the future, while disconnecting readers from socioeconomic and political shortcomings of the present.

Clothing, earrings, bags and semi-precious bead bracelets, all made in the Minku atelier.

Makeup: Akor

Set design and photography: Kunmi

Act 1 Scene 1: 80 years into the future, Nigeria is preparing to host the 2100 Olympics. On a dusty harmattan morning, a spaceship defies turbulent waves to land splashdown off Lagos' Atlantic coast...
Look 1, posted on April 3, 2017.

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